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Business Storytelling and Mosquitoes: Insights from Our Sleepless Nights in Portugal:

Just as we relied on the expertise of our friends to solve our mosquito problem, businesses must establish themselves as trusted authorities.

Mosquitoes in Portugal are the worst!

As my husband and I settled into our little house in the Portuguese countryside, we encountered an unexpected challenge: an invasion of mosquitoes fully focused on eating us alive.

Our attempts to protect ourselves, including wrapping our bed in mosquito netting, didn’t work well. These mosquitos were far too fast and too clever for us.

We found ourselves tossing and turning all night long, waking up covered in itchy bites in the morning.

This was unlike anything we ever experienced before during our winters in here.

We needed help and decided to ask around in our trusted network for some assistance.

Consulting with friends who are seasoned residents of Portugal we got some hilarious stories about their fight with the mosquitos. And we learned what their final solution was.

Their recommendation? Mosquito spray.

Armed with this new weapon, we wasted no time to address the problem head-on.

And thankfully it worked EXCELLENT. With all the mosquitoes banished, we finally enjoyed the peaceful sleep we craved.

Reflecting on this experience, it's evident how crucial it is to be known, trusted, and liked to attract clients and customers.

Just as we relied on the expertise of our friends to solve our mosquito problem, businesses must establish themselves as trusted authorities in their respective industries to attract clientele.

Three lessons from this mosquito war:

1. Be Known: Tell people that you are around and don’t hide under a bush! Show up and let people get to know you. Building genuine connections and relationships with people around you will help you stand out from the competition.

2. Be Liked: We turned to our friends because we knew they would care. The same for you; when you show empathy and genuine care for your clients to foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Be Trusted: Make sure that you consistently deliver valuable content, provide exceptional service, and demonstrate integrity to earn the trust of potential clients and customers. This way they will tell others about you and come back for more.

When you are being known, trusted, and liked, your business will be featured in people’s stories about how you “saved the day”. 

That will help you attract clients and customers who value your expertise and services!

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/ Åsa Rydhard, MACA
Business Storytelling Expert and Pitch Designer